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Enhanced experience with your App's UX

Give your customers the best in-app experience which will increase the brand trust

All the features for your client needs

Your customers can now do anything from their app, be it booking an appointment or buying deals or buying products.
Book Appointments

No more calls for appointments, you customer can make an appointment with few taps in the app

Find services

Help your customers to find the right service for them by providing all the necessary information

Purchase deals and offers

No more sending sms and emails for offers, your customers can now directly buy these from their app


Contactless payments, your customers can pay from any payment mode they prefer

Key Features

Your customers have all the access on their device with your app. They can do a lot of things.
Get all necessary informations

Users can receive all the measures and offers for them with their apps

  • Offers
  • Notifcations
  • Receipts & Invoices
  • Measures
Check Slot availability  

Book an appointment at your convenience keeping your schedule on priority

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Pay directly from App
No more exchange of cash or cards. Customer can pay from any of his digital payment method

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“Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The team were really helpful too.”
Robert Berringer
Salon Manager
“Things that were taking me hours or days have been cut down to mere minutes.”
Sanjit Bajaj
Salon Owner
“Our team’s productivity has doubled since we signed up. This is an essential tool.”
Andrew Benson
Salon Owner

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